Art Inspired by Dreams

This group gains inspiration from the Dreamworld or Astral Plane.


  • charliethetramp

    bending time by charliethetramp

    unsettled by claustrophobia

    the ghost distinctly forgot
    that now never happened
    a collision of personalities
    shakespeare bite off his own ear
    van gogh read prospero`s books
    lost horizon`s bending time…


    174 words
  • ripinamberlost

    Dancer, Not a Lover by ripinamberlost

    Dancing all alone in the dim moonlight
    Wishing someone was there to dance with her
    Loneliness is what she fights every night
    Dependant on music; all else is blurred…

    Regretful relationships haunting her

    103 words
  • Vulcan Spark Studios

    More than you think you are by Vulcan Spark S...

    The purpose of all this struggle,
    I find answers to all the questions I asked,

    213 words
  • Amber Elizabeth Fromm Donais

    Waiting .... by Amber Elizabet...

    I Wait, Offer
    Heart, My Hand
    Aww Awaiting
    A Lover,
    A Friend …

    105 words
  • Richard Barry

    Is it me? by Richard Barry

    if I’ve taken a rubbish shot or made a complete balls of using a process, I want to know that…

    189 words
  • ripinamberlost

    "Let it go..." by ripinamberlost

    Confused, more than ever before. She had no idea what to do.
    What could cure this pain? Where was it coming from?
    She had so many questions that seemed to have no answers.
    Laying on her bed, buried unde…

    322 words
  • ripinamberlost

    What I Wrote by ripinamberlost

    Glancing, hiding a smile
    Heart jumping to my throat
    Haven’t seen you in awhile
    And this is what I wrote;…

    “He made me blush
    He made me smile
    He made me happy
    He’s worthwhile

    No words need be said
    We speak wi

    74 words
  • Vulcan Spark Studios

    Comtemplation by Vulcan Spark S...

    In this mental asylum
    I am trying to remain sane,

    297 words
  • nabakishore


    Line is the forte of Nabakishore’s paintings. They swirl, surge, intertwine, even retreat and move diagrammatically convering the pictorial space. Nabakishore lets his pen or brush move on the paper …

    158 words
  • Hope-Karra Robertson

    Hero of the day by Hope-Karra Rob...

    Yeah. I won’t ever let anything happen to you lady birdy; I’ll be you hero.

    114 words
  • Sally Omar

    Phantoms by Sally Omar

    I fall asleep
    Phantoms of the past appear
    Reliving a piece of life
    More than my mind can bear
    Hearing the sound of trains
    Burn through my ears
    Scorching hot summers
    Drinking cold cold beer
    A little kiss of l…

    131 words
  • Amber Elizabeth Fromm Donais

    The Path by Amber Elizabet...

    Follow And Chance,
    We Walk, Yet Run
    Return Ever More…
    In Passion’s Delight…
    Following It’s Path…
    Of Heart… It’s Dance…

    81 words
  • ariyahjoseph

    CHEETAH by ariyahjoseph

    cheetah pouncing velocity
    platform of force
    equilibrium rudder tail
    must get the game before heart overheats
    cheating gravity

    18 words
  • Danielle MacDonald

    Barren Perch by Danielle MacDo...

    All is barren, dry, unspoken here on mountain.
    Spider sleeps, counting on the quiet poison.
    Even seeds of weeds blow restless over rocks.
    Sturdy seems the perch, the prey above the loches.…

    All was still

    95 words
  • Tove

    Carelessness by Tove

    The fragrant pain of the lilacs
    gives the red trace of illusions
    a touch of carelessness.
    The suns darkblue wandering
    in the shadows
    promotes the landmark of oblivion.

    28 words
  • butterflyashes

    Daisy's by butterflyashes

    She played her guitar in the rain today
    sat on a wooden stool in a field of wet daisy’s
    And as she played the words she sung stayed in her head
    little blue vines faded in her dress,and every note she s…

    264 words
  • ariyahjoseph


    drawer full of cookies…

    dying woman leaves childhood lover

    to have an affair

    4 hrs on black board outside

    revisit home a stranger

    lightning flashes as i close my eyes

    on stormless nights

    confronted wi

    101 words
  • ariyahjoseph


    pure bred mutt webbed footed conjoined twin siamese cats green jewelled eyes moving with the weight of liquid a faint purr a harmless splash or the strength of steel. uprooted this is not theory so…

    306 words