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Art Influenced by Literature

Recent Work

  • Kusch - The female name of God by Madalena Lobao-Tello
  • Papa Legba (3) by zoequixote
  • William S. Burroughs by Conrad Stryker
  • I'm a little teapot... by Thea T
  • axolotl, amphibian totem art. by resonanteye
  • trial and jury by Andrew  Cain
  • The March Hare Awaits by Anita Inverarity
  • Alice on the Run by Anthony McCracken
  • Pirate Puss by Anita Inverarity
  • The Potion by Lynnette Shelley
  • Full Moon, Allen Bank by Amanda White
  • The Frog Footman by Anita Inverarity

About This Group

This group is for bookworms who are artists. TRADITIONAL FINE ART in the forms of drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpting are acceptable as long as the work pertains to a book by depicting a character, inherent theme in the book or the author. This group is meant to promote the act of reading so if you can write the author’s name, book title or quote in the description of the image this will inspire others to read that book or author’s work also : )
Digital Art, Photoshop, etc. are not suitable for this group; please apply your digital works to these groups: Inspired Art, Creative Inspirations, or Abstract Digital Art or Writing).

When submitting, PLEASE INDICATE THE BOOK, STORY OR CHARACTER THAT INFLUENCED YOUR WORK AND the MEDIUM IN WHICH IT WAS CREATED. Failure to do this will result in work being rejected.

The goal of the forum is to increase communication through book discussion, with the end result being great art created by readers. There are also places in the forum to talk about medium, techniques, etc.

A great place to keep track of your books is goodreads

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Membership of the group is by invite only.

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