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Art from the cradle of mankind

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Weekly Newsletter No. 11 (locked)

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How are everyone? Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. We wish you a lovely Sunday wherever you are.

  • Congratulations to our newest weekly featured artists: Rudy Pavlina & Lance Barnard!

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    Go here to see the open challenge. This challenge has a RedBubble voucher as the first prize. Please submit your entries soonest as this challenge closes in 20 hours.
    We will NOT extend the time for entries. If you don’t enter, you won’t know if you would have won!
  • RalphyBoy won our Ese Hombre Challenge.
  • You can congratulate him here: Showcase Gallery
  • Just a reminder that you must try and submit just three artworks per day.
  • Also, if you submit an artwork, try and wait a day or two before you submit the tee design of the same artwork. This way you get double exposure.
  • Please try not to remove your artworks from the Art Gallery and then re-submit it as a new artwork. We would love to see only new artworks on our front page. New Artworks are those that have just been completed or are the artworks of new members never before seen in our group.
  • You can write & tell us about your features & challenge wins in other groups by posting your news in our Grattitude & Bragging Corner
  • In the General Forum Topic you can write about exhibitions, causes, etc.

    I was inspired by the beautiful Ivory Flame.
    Ivory Flame has something of the beauty of female characters in Botticelli’s painting, the artist that I admire very much.
    Thank you to Andy G Williams for the permission to use his work Holly- Ivory Flame as inspiration for my work
    Thank you to Ivory Flame for her permission
    Featured – Everyday Women – 27 August 2010
    Featured – 1 on 1: The Fine Art of Portraiture – 28.08.2010
  • A beautiful portrait Elena!
  • Thank you to all our members for your positive attitude within our group!
  • Have a wonderful new week.

Mariaan & Susan