Art Changing the World - Futurism.

Group Rules:

Changing the World with Futurism in the sense of :
Bergson, Boccioni, Chirico, Dondero, Einstein, Fontana, Gabo, Greenberg, Hamilton, Hartlaub, Huelsenbeck, Komfut, Krauss, Lissitsky, Malevich, Marinetti, Meidner, Strzeminski, Tretyakov, Trotsky, Tzara.
General rules:
1. All work submitted must have a sense inside & towards the mechanism’s of a Futurist ideology & movement.
Rule 2. The Futurist physical approach is fine, but if your work does not deem itself Futurist through a dynamic visual movement it will be rejected from the group.
Rule 3. Feel free to submit work outside the basic universal mechanistic understandings within Futurism ; ie,- figurative human movements, scientific stems, equational figurations, animal life forms etc, all these are open for Futurist interpretations.
4. Sound Art, Video Art, Performance Art, Manifesto’s and other written peices are welcome.
Rule 5. Development & research inside the Futurist arena becomes a progressive constitution that leads to good Futurist work, after joining this group this is an advisable approach and a good way to better ones practice, also we can all benefit from seeing the results.
6. No restriction’s on mediums used.
Rule 7. Limit of 3 works per 24hrs.
Enjoy your membership here at Red/Bubble Art Changing the World-Futurism Group.