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Art Changing the World - Futurism.

Post New York school art of a kind that will or is about to change the world.


  • 'Dancer' by Jerry Kirk
  • New York City streets by Vin  Zzep
  • Oneirophrenia  by William James Taylor Junior
  • Connection 2.1 by hannzoll
  • PINK HAZE by db Waterman
  • UNDER THE BRIDGE by db Waterman
  • Million Dollar Pie by Octopuserio
  • Hot Miami by Octopuserio
  • Crystal Eyes by Octopuserio
  • THE CREATION by GloriaSanchez
  • same beat by wormink
  • FIREFLIES by db Waterman
  • Chances Are by TRASH RIOT
  • pitiful shit by mhkantor
  • IMAGINARY FRIEND by db Waterman
  • BEACH GIRLS by db Waterman
  • SWEET INNOCENCE by db Waterman
  • Pteropod Illusion by Octopuserio