Art Changing the World - Futurism.

Post New York school art of a kind that will or is about to change the world.


  • Stone Interior design series by Martin Dingli
  • Dadadogdooda. by - nawroski -
  • paled by comparison 2 by mhkantor
  • Dreamcatcher web  by edend
  • Wildness Comes IN ~ by TeaseTees
  • tea for two by TRASH RIOT
  • POET by James Lewis Hamilton
  • You Don't Decide ~ by TeaseTees
  • That's not the seven 15 to Port Royal is it? by retepk
  • meant no harm by wormink
  • .....I've Searched 4 You.,.. by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • Godard est là [01:29] by ANNEetMICK
  • NARCO NATION wall art by DAdeSimone
  • Greenwich Village Roofscape by James Lewis Hamilton
  • blah blah blah what an inordinate waste of time 2 by mhkantor
  • Your Heart on the WALL by DAdeSimone
  • NONE of the ABOVE by TeaseTees
  • paperskape  by Danica Radman