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Art Changing the World - Futurism.

Post New York school art of a kind that will or is about to change the world.


  • Abstract series  by Martin Dingli
  • Aviation by TRASH RIOT
  • SANITY by James Lewis Hamilton
  • lost in thought by glennbrady
  • of dead sea captains and one armed bandits 1 by mhkantor
  • 1 in 4 Women in the Workplace in Victoria are Bullied! by Anthea  Slade
  • edgy linoleum by chookshedflambe
  • StreichorchesteR by ARTDUST
  • Untitled by glennbrady
  • SAFE HARBOUR by db Waterman
  • who knows, god knows but he's not talking 1 by mhkantor
  • World outside  by Lawrence Alfred Powell
  • Future Oil Tycoon by TRASH RIOT
  • Sycamore Tree in Peppersauce Canyon, Arizona by James Lewis Hamilton
  • REVELATION by db Waterman
  • Mind Melt by TRASH RIOT
  • Sidelining & Social Isolation of Tall Poppy by Anthea  Slade
  • Whats on your Mind? by TRASH RIOT