Art Changing the World - Futurism.

Post New York school art of a kind that will or is about to change the world.

FuTurIZm 2march 013.

Andy Nawroski Andy Nawroski 1200 posts

Heel by Kintamar

bringing the unwell by glennbrady

=[Avoir opinion sur ruE]= by ZdrowwordZ
fluddle by knockturmoil
mooncocoon by titus toledo

ABSTRACT80 by Antonello Incagnone “incant”

DELETING !!! by TeaseTees

Contagious by TeaseTees

head up the butt – on the nightshift workin it 2 by mhkantor

Spin Doctor by Ben Loveday

trying to remember 2 by Nikolay Semyonov

Andy Nawroski Andy Nawroski 1200 posts

Congratulations to all you featured – astounding work!

mhkantor mhkantor 45 posts

i’d just like to thank andy for featuring my ‘head up the butt – on the nightshift and workin it 2’ and to congratulate all the other artists featured.
a wonderful collection of fantastic works. congratulations all and thankyou so much andy for featuring mine, truly appreciated and honored.

wormink wormink 2341 posts

congrat’s to all enjoy and creaTE

titus toledo titus toledo 253 posts

thank you, actw-futurism, for featuring “mooncocoon”

it is always an honor to belong here. congrats to all.

hi ho!

titus toledo

TeaseTees TeaseTees 201 posts

An auspicous group of art to be included with… it feels as if I’ve been kicked up a notch or 2… very interesting… and congrats to the other featured artists… I’m in the process of enjoying the absorbtion of your art!!!

Ben Loveday Ben Loveday 318 posts

All fabulous work- congratulations to all the featured artists! I don’t have a shoe fetish myself, but if someone wants to rent part of my wifes’s collection please feel free to bmail me..its an extensive collection.!!!

tori yule tori yule 8211 posts

Outstanding gallery, Andy
Congrats to all!