Art Changing the World - Futurism.

Post New York school art of a kind that will or is about to change the world.


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A Jestering Of A Jig by ellamental

Addressed to the Heart by Maraia

who’s that dawg or pineapple n pears in the afternoon 1

Jewel of the City by Adam Bogusz

WHIRLpool >>>>> by TeaseTees

speech therapy review by steve jones

The Dove by Maraia

The light of The shadow by kseniako

F r a c t i o n : p a i n t i n G by WUGLYGLEW
To Serve by PhDilettante

Splash-Back Glass by Martin Dingli

- nawroski - - nawroski - 970 posts

Congratulations! to all featured-your work is to say the least profound a big thank you for being at this group.
See work at the group blog here

Maraia Maraia 172 posts

Absolutely thrilled with being featured twice in this awesome selection!!! thanks indeed and congratulations to everybody!

- nawroski - - nawroski - 970 posts

To true! your work is the weather!

mhkantor mhkantor 45 posts

congratulations to everyone, wonderful work – a wonderful collection. and thankyou so much andy and boccioni for featuring ’who’s that dawg or pineapple
n pears in the afternoon 1’. as always, truly honored and appreciated.

TeaseTees TeaseTees 115 posts

thanks again… this group has honored me… and these other fine artists… with these FEATURES!

Martin Dingli Martin Dingli 249 posts

I’m Honoured to be among so many talented artists.Thanks for showing my art work, and congrats to all.