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Saturday 13-07-2013 Features – 21st Century Art, Part II – Art At Its Best

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Congratulations Featured Artists!

Theme: 21st Century Art, Part ll

This is a continuation of last week’s theme.

As we showcased last week, we have group members who paint in very untraditional styles… often times their work is seen as unusual, or off the wall! But this is not the case at all… nor is the negative thinking regarding artwork that strays from the academic rules of mainstream realism. After all, Monet was laughed at when the Impressionist group had their first show circa 1874. An art critic actually wrote that Monet’s painting, Soleil Levant (Rising Sun), was “an unfinished painting; just an impression!” (hence the name of the new school of art: Impressionism).

So this week, we continue acknowledging the 21st Century New School of Art with these amazing features.

We certainly hope you enjoy these non-traditional works of art; please take a few moments to congratulate the talented artists who created them!

  • Each feature is a clickable link back to the original work so please join us in congratulating these talented artists below and on their respective works !

Have a wonderful weekend,
Heather & Angela ♥♥

Dowager Countess
by Lynette K.

boots & bike
by LisaMM

Fairytale. Woman.Fragment
by Kseniya Beliaeva

by Ming Myaskovsky

by Philip Holley

Connective Cycle
by Abstract D’Oyley

by idgoodall

Universal Circle of All ! acrylic on8x8canvas
by eoconnor

Organic Metalic
by MelDavies

Portrait coloré 2
by Sophie-Berger

by Sebastiaan Koenen

Dragonfly…Towards The Light 2
by © Janis Zroback

idgoodall idgoodall 5 posts

Hi Angela,
Many thanks for Featuring “Charming” I’m extremely flattered!! Cheers, Ian

Wil Zender Wil Zender 225 posts

Congratulations to all featured artists, your work is amazing!!! :)))

©Janis Zroback ©Janis Zroback 8072 posts

Thank you so much and congratulations to all featured artists…