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Sunday 21-04-2013 Features – Illustrations Looking For A Book! – Art At Its Best

© Angela L Walker © Angela L Walker 935 posts

Congratulations Featured Artists!

Theme this week: Looking for a Book

Here are twelve artworks that could very well be part of a storybook! Writers… where are you? ♥Heather

We certainly hope you enjoy these wonderful features; please take a few moments to congratulate the talented artists who created them!

  • Each feature is a clickable link back to the original work so please join us in congratulating these talented artists below and on their respective works !

Late Breaking News: We have an ADDENDUM this week:
Heather and I just had to add six more deserving works to our features for this week’s theme: Illustrations Looking for a Book.

Have a wonderful and creative week,
Angela & Heather ♥♥

The Emerald Lake
by Anna Ewa Miarczynska

as one
by LisaMM

Blue Cat
by maggie326

Krishna disguised as gopi
by Vrindavan Das

Athena and Her Royal Companion
by tanyabond

King of Mirkwood
by jankolas

The red kite
by lillo

Chook Lookin'
by Sally Ford

Nothing I Got
by Monica Blatton

Geisha Ghost
by redqueenself

Growing Up
by Juli Cady Ryan


Top Secret
by Annika Hiltunen

Maiden Grace
by Lynette K.

November Chill
by Hannah Aradia

pilgrimage to the sacred mountain with 3 figures
by Alan Kenny

Autumn Dream
by Lana Wynne

Abandoned – A little strange feeling for each of us…
by Elisabeta Hermann

Anna Miarczynska Anna Miarczynska 227 posts

Angela & Heather ♥♥Thanks sooo much for this FANTASTIC FEATURE!!!! This is a great surprise!!! I’m soooo happy :)))
And…I congratulate everyone of interesting,.. stunning works!!!!!!!

maggie326 maggie326 1175 posts

wonderful selection CONGRATS TO ALL Thank you for including one of my work

Beatrice Cloake Beatrice Cloake 9332 posts

Congratulations Angela for this brilliant show!!!

Congratulations to all featured artists. These works are magic!

Robin King Robin King 1056 posts

Wow!! GREAT work!!!! Congratulations to everyone!!!

LisaMM LisaMM 1486 posts

Thank you for including my work in this stunning selection of featured work Greatly appreciated.
Congratulations to all artists.

Solotry Solotry 80 posts

Beautiful works! Congratulations to all!

Beatrice Cloake Beatrice Cloake 9332 posts

Magic! Terrific works! Congratulations to you all!

Livvy Young Livvy Young 2706 posts

Wow amazing art.

lillo lillo 86 posts

wonderful selection, thanks for including my work in it!

Sally Ford Sally Ford 71 posts

Thanks for including my chooks! Great to be among such wonderful artists! :)