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Saturday 23-02-2013 Features – Storybook Time – Art At Its Best

© Angela L Walker © Angela L Walker 877 posts

Congratulations Featured Artists!

Theme for this week: Storybook Time

Storybook Time….art work that looks like it belongs in a story book, but not necessarily for children!.

We certainly hope you enjoy these wonderful features; please take a few moments to congratulate the talented artists who created them!

  • Each feature is a clickable link back to the original work so please join us in congratulating these talented artists below and on their respective works !

Have a wonderful weekend,
Angela & Heather ♥♥

Helmsley, North Yorkshire
by bevmorgan

the I pup
by Bribuckley

by Monica Blatton

Mouse sails in his paper boat
by StressieCat

After breakfast
by lillo

Flower Sisters
by Lisa Frances Judd ~ Original Australian Art

Bowtie Babe
by Tom Norton

by LisaMM

My Love is too Magical…
by Laura Hutton

Three Queens
by jankolas

by Ronan Crowley

Son of Gloin
by jankolas

LisaMM LisaMM 1484 posts

A wonderful selection Angela, one in which i am very proud to be included. Thank you. Congratulations to all artists.

bevmorgan bevmorgan 312 posts

This is a marvelous collection and with very evocative stories suggested. Congratulations to all here.

lillo lillo 86 posts

Angela this is a wonderful selection, really fit for the idea, I love being in it! Congrats everybody!

© Angela L Walker © Angela L Walker 877 posts

Gotta give my dear co-host, Heather, the credit for this beautiful selection of features. So many paintings convey a depth in story-telling that mere words can’t achieve… It was a pleasure working with Heather to highlight these incredible works of art!

Lisa Frances Judd~QuirkyHappyArt Lisa Frances J... 48 posts

Thank you so much for inclusion of ‘Flower Sisters’ in this wonderful gallery of talented artists. Flower Sisters was created based on a quote I found…
“Sisters are different flowers from the same Garden” I don’t know who said it, but it is truly lovely.

Beatrice Cloake Beatrice Cloake 9335 posts

Absolutely gorgeous creations! Stunning!

Congratulations to all featured artists.