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Recent Work

  • Slave to my fetish by Brian Gibbs
  • The pub ghost seeks validation by Graham Farquhar
  • Heavy Metal cover by Aestheticz .
  • FyreFly (ZyGon Comics) by Aestheticz .
  • Bespectacled Portrait by MissAudrey
  • Forest Nymph by Swede
  • personal touch by Mark Batten-O'Donohoe
  • Pray by Brian Gibbs
  • Courtney in White by Swede
  • VANITYFAIR. Evita KittyCat  super hot exclussive. by Andy Brown Sugar. by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D
  • California Dreaming 15 by Michael Garrison
  • Wild angel. iPhone sexi story book. no.2. Κύριε ἐλέησον ! Please do not use this art without written permission from me! thank you friends ! by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D

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This is a group for HIGH QUALITY work. Please familiarize yourself with the group rules. The hosts are fun to work with, but just know that our decisions are final. We will attempt to have one challenge every month, which you receive a RB voucher. Other challenges may also ensue, depending on participation.
Have Fun!!

Our interview is with the amazingly gorgeous and talented Rebecca Tun
You can see a list of the past interviews here

Q1. How and why did you become a Redbubble member?

A photographer I modelled for had a redbubble account so I visited his portfolio on here. I liked the design and came across some excellent images so I joined up, and before long I was addicted!

Q2. Being a nude model, describe the thoughts going through your mind during your first nude shoot in front of the camera.

My first nude shoot was one September day in the woods. I really enjoyed it, climbing around in trees and pretending to be some kind of forest-dwelling creature. I had to keep an eye out for passers-by, and it was slightly cold, but otherwise I was completely comfortable.

Q3. You are also a fantastic photographer. What is your favorite subject to photograph?

People! I like to take an aspect of a person’s charisma, personality or beauty and tell a stylized story about it. Andy Warhol said you can’t take a boring photograph of a person because people are so interesting.

Q4. Have you ever done a shoot with clothes on during the entire shoot?

Yes, plenty. I often pose for portraits and fashion.

Q5. What do you want people to say and think when they see your work?

Hmm…I guess I just want people to think it looks nice and that I seem to know what I’m doing.

Q6. Tell us of something funny that has happened during a photoshoot you were a part of.

I once attracted an unwanted audience of boys when I was doing a semi-nude shoot in the city at night. Guess I was asking for it really.

Q7. What type of photographic equipment do you use?

I have a Canon 350D but I’m hoping to inherit my dad’s 5D when he next upgrades. One zoom lens and one fixed lens (which I love), and a Lensbaby (I always find I say that defensively!). I’ve inherited some old film cameras, including a Brownie, from my grandfather, but I have yet to work out how to use them. As for other equipment, I hire a studio if I need one and otherwise I work in natural or ambient light.

Q8. If you could be photographed by anyone, who would it be and why?

Leonard Nimoy, but only because I’m Spock’s biggest fan so I guess that’s not a very good reason to want to work with him. For purely photographic reasons, it would have to be Jack ‘the Zipper’, a fetish/erotic photographer from California. I was going to work with him once but the trip didn’t go ahead.

Q9. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Hollywood, the world of dreams where the sun always shines.

Q10. What is your dream job?

Probably an academic job.

Q11. Do you have a favorite subject to read or talk about?

Linguistics and the cognitive sciences in general. Also evolutionary biology.

Q12. Does it ever make you a bit nervous wondering who is looking at your work……especially nude work?

I guess it sometimes occurs to me that it might be a problem for future jobs. And sometimes I think about the worst-case-scenario where a disapproving sexually-frustrated extremist/misogynist makes it his project to stalk me and brutally murder me. But that probably won’t happen.

Q13. Can you tell us something interesting about yourself?

Umm…I’m left-handed.

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