Painting, drawing and printmaking long it is in the discourse of Expressionism


  • Pilgrim

    Why? by Pilgrim

    Art is elite, frightening, unobtainable
    You can’t do it, be it, feel it
    You can’t create it, share it
    Don’t dare call yourself an artist
    You haven’t learn’t enough, suffered enough
    Aren’t bold enough, bra…

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  • vanesse

    My Baby, Is Having A Baby... by vanesse

    Like the sand falling
    through the hourglass
    my little girl has grown

    I can hardly believe
    my little girl will have
    a child to call her own

    A parents greatest challenge
    is handling problems they will face…

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  • vanesse

    About Love... by vanesse

    Learning And Growing
    Together Is Love

    There’s no question

    of you loving me

    I know in my heart you do

    I hope you can feel inside your heart

    how true my love is for you

    There are no simple answer…

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  • vanesse

    ANGER by vanesse

    It’s a powerful
    and mighty sword
    awaiting the moment
    “YOU” allow it
    to take control.
    It can pierce your heart
    with such force,
    no word can describe.
    Without acknowledging the fact,

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  • vanesse

    Love Shows... by vanesse

    I want your hand
    Good God above
    In raising up
    This child I love

    Because I know you
    Can clearly see
    How precious
    My child is to me

    Please guide me
    So I teach her right
    Lord, watch her while
    she sleeps thro…

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  • vanesse

    It Isnt Easy... by vanesse

    It isn’t easy being a mom
    and theres a possibility
    someday you may
    be facing this

    A childs personality
    is unique in every way,
    from the kinds of foods
    he likes to eat,
    to the game…

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  • vanesse

    Dad by vanesse

    I could tell you every day
    how much “I love you” because it is true
    but I would like to write a poem
    made with love; from me, to you.

    I have so many things to say,
    I dont know where to sta…

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  • vanesse

    Simple Things by vanesse

    art by: budrfli
    poetry by: vanesse

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  • vanesse

    Eternal Garden... by vanesse

    Like sand falling through an hourglass
    A day will come and years will pass.

    Everything you do and say
    are seeds you plant along the way.

    The seeds will blossom into a flower
    as life takes you through it

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  • vanesse

    Buying Time... by vanesse

    If I could buy some time

    how much would it cost?

    Because tomorrow

    never comes today

    and yesterday

    is lost.

    By: Vanesse Cathleen

    23 words
  • vanesse

    At Heavens Gate... by vanesse

    No one really knows why
    the Good Lord couldn’t wait.
    He has taken you to join him
    up at heavens pearly gates.

    It had happened so fast
    I never got the chance to say
    how much “I Love You, Mom…

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  • vanesse

    Love Garden... by vanesse

    Our love,

    It’s much like the unspoken word
    you know what it says
    although, it’s never been heard.

    Equally as beautiful as a rose is red
    I love you even more every time it is said!

    Much like…

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  • vanesse

    With You... by vanesse

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  • vanesse

    Shady Tree... by vanesse

    Enjoying a Moment…

    Alone, In Quiet…

    Here I sit so quietly,
    underneath a shady tree.
    A breeze blowing soft
    through the strands
    of my hair.
    I don’t know the time
    but I don’t really c…

    88 words

    a small tap by KEITH R. WILL...

    the lure of love

    147 words

    memories by KEITH R. WILL...

    love lost

    109 words

    to malik by KEITH R. WILL...


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