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Painting, drawing and printmaking long it is in the discourse of Expressionism

Surprises in Print making

Marion Chapman Marion Chapman 304 posts

I love print making for lots of reasons. I love the process as it feels like you are building something. You make your plate after planning your design, this often takes days/weeks, then you get to ink up your plate and print. Everytime you print you get a surprise. You can never determine exactly what will happen, how it will look and there are so many variables to determine this. There is the press pressure, the intensity of the colour, the reaction of the paper, the moisture of the paper, and of course your colour choices.
.. but above all else, I love printmaking because of the surprise you get as you peel your soft paper away from the plate and voila! A print!!

Mellissa Read-Devine Mellissa Read-... 11 posts

Ah, the magic moment when you peel the paper off the plate. I love workshop situations when its usually a whole crowd of spectators waiting for that special moment.
When I teach a class, it is my pleasure to introduce newbies to the myriad of print mediums. Just like any other art form you can have a carefully planned and executed work or just throw stuff together and see what comes out. – I like both but lean towards the experimental.

Marilyn Brown Marilyn Brown 4336 posts

I know what you mean!

When I look at the prints submitted to the group Printmakers and Printmaking I am often surprised at the fantastic results members have achieved by doing something out of the square!