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Art And Text

For any artworks using text as a prominent feature of their artwork, Like Xu Bing, Basquiat etc.


  • strawberries

    Lets play pretend by strawberries

    Can we, for just one moment,
    Pretend that we are together?
    Can we play pretend for one night?
    And dance in the light of the moon.
    Would it be ok if we got lost in the moment?
    Could we, for just one night,…

    196 words
  • strawberries

    Mindless Soldier by strawberries

    Friend, you have no heart, no imagination
    You’re just another mindless soldier

    245 words
  • strawberries

    Eternity by strawberries

    It was foretold, you and I,
    A love written in the pages of history.
    A love for the ages, you and me,
    Together forever, for all eternity.

    The times are about to change,
    The tables of time are turning,

    155 words
  • strawberries

    My Unhappy Valentine by strawberries

    Today was for me,
    Tomorrow do what you want,
    Left me alone,
    Here in this house of leaves and rain.
    How am meant to feel?
    My unhappy Valentine.

    Head upon my pillow,
    Tears on my cheeks,
    Heart in pieces,
    Too sm…

    212 words
  • strawberries

    Guardian Angel by strawberries

    I’ll watch over you, keep you safe,
    Save from your darkest dreams,
    Love you in the dead of night.
    Never to be truly seen,
    Forever invisible,
    Your Guardian Angel.

    I’ll be the little voice, tell you what yo…

    131 words
  • strawberries

    Head's a mess by strawberries

    I have to stop now. I have to think.
    Shut my eyes, and sit for a minute.
    My head is a monster of my own creation.

    I have to pause for a moment, let the dust settle,
    I can’t see much but I know it’s all …

    108 words
  • strawberries

    Imaginary Friend by strawberries

    I am going to tell you all a story.
    Once upon a time there was a little girl,
    Who stood out from the crowd.
    When you’re five this is not a good thing.
    But this little girl found solace,
    In her imagina…

    296 words
  • strawberries

    Waiting by strawberries

    waiting to be found, or to fade away into darkness.
    in the light of the moon i stare and wait.
    a glimering of hope lingers in my heart, keeps me here,
    waiting to be found or fade away into shadows.
    in th…

    252 words
  • strawberries

    In Heaven by strawberries

    Weep not for me my love, my dear,
    I am not dead but sleeping here,
    I’ve gone to where I’ll feel no pain,
    I hope in Heaven we will meet again.

    Do not let your heart break for me,
    Eventually we will reunit…

    127 words
  • strawberries

    Forever silent by strawberries

    Forever silent,
    never to know
    the pain and the heartache
    of not telling you
    i love you
    but you’ll never know
    simply because
    I will stay
    silent forevermore.

    Forever silent
    not a word spoken
    a love lost is a …

    115 words
  • strawberries

    Products of Society by strawberries

    I have something to say and I will be heard
    We don’t need someone like you telling us what to do
    I won’t refer to the past coz’ the war is never won
    The future is in OUR hands, but the past is in yours

    293 words
  • strawberries

    missed opportunity by strawberries

    I wish you knew how I loved
    Without having to say it
    Without you I have nothing
    I might as well die

    278 words
  • strawberries

    where are you my angel by strawberries

    There’s no life without out you
    In the lost and open sky,
    And the empty world sings

    158 words
  • strawberries

    a woman's mask by strawberries

    With makeup or cardboard, the mask we wear
    Hides or shame and our pain from all the world
    We go day by day, bleak and despairing
    When we should be goddesses, without these cares

    253 words
  • strawberries

    Senses by strawberries

    One look to say it all
    One sound to destroy the world
    One feeling to conquer the fear
    One touch to melt the ice
    One taste to realise

    220 words
  • strawberries

    gothic promise by strawberries

    And we will never age, never die, forever together
    This I know, this is the truth.

    317 words
  • Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo

    Passion of Love , Chapter 21"Black Blood Flows Red." rated R by Patricia Anne ...

    Nope, can’t have a worthless piece of gutter trash like you gumming up my mission."

    2801 words
  • Terri  Kruithof

    all i've ever wanted by Terri Kruithof

    All I’ve ever wanted is to be real to you,
    Not just another nameless face in the crowd.

    143 words