"Art and Ink So Free"

Art & ink...

Recent Work

  • Swan song by Jenny Wood
  • Flamingo garden by katerinamk
  • Oxalis / Purple Shamrock, floral art, blue, pink & burgundy by clipsocallipso
  • branching out by wormink
  • smile please by ururuty
  • Flamingos in Paradise Tropical Print by DanielleGensler
  • Alison by Tarinalouise
  • For Coffee Lovers by CarolM
  • Hydrangea hortensis by Maree Clarkson
  • Midnight nattering by Maree Clarkson
  • Snow White on Mountain Greenery by TonyCrehan
  • Turkey Cameo  by Lanis Rossi

About This Group

our fabulous new banner

by billyboy

For the latest Our winner is Losing My Religion, by billyboy seen here… currently being used like this…

We also found another work that will be used, one called Ship in a Bottle, by Richard Gerhard, being used like this…

and this gift for us all, by billyboy also, found below…

Both of these gentlemen get bragging rights, as well as Nadya Johnson and Vigor (for their help with the lettering on them).

Group idea: “Art and ink so free”

Mission statement: To encourage free expression in both art and writing… this leaves a whole lot of room to be free to express yourself and is an attempt to secure a space of mind and heart, through the means of this liberty, to create more a “warm fuzzy feeling” (not talking cats here) and not cold prickly ones. Let us set out to find the shores of discovery… ones to enlighten the minds and hearts of men and women… and see where the journey takes us.

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