ART ACTION UNION AIMS to create awareness for current concerning issues to educate the greater community and collect a critical mass.


  • Abstract 3 by hannzoll
  • Charged Up and Ready to Go by barrowda
  • AFTER LOW by alizeno .
  • Dopamine by alizeno .
  • VACUUM - a collection of nothing by TeaseTees
  • The tame impalas by alizeno .
  • Healthcare is a RIGHT not a privilege by 321Outright
  • Spring blooms by karo
  • Trump Leadership. Special!!! by Alex Preiss
  • Work in progress [the Incredible Collagist] by Andy Nawroski
  • Playing Russian Roulette: Putin on the Ritz by barrowda
  • Be The Reason by M. Sha
  • BE MINE by M. Sha
  • Always OO And FF by M. Sha
  • Earth Day Always Mother Earth Resists and Persists  by electrovista
  • Reared Head Ugly by ellamental
  • DOPE by M. Sha
  • Syria by M. Sha