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ART ACTION UNION AIMS to create awareness for current concerning issues to educate the greater community and collect a critical mass.

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  1. All work contained in the galleries of the Art Action Union are reflective of the views of the artists and not indicative of the ideas of the hosts, other members of the group or staff of the site.
  1. Members are strongly encouraged to follow RB user policy especially regarding copyright and the law, artists who fail to do so and submit artwork accepted to the gallery are responsible for any legal breach that may occur. The Art Action Union hosts will not accept liability for moderating legally infringing visual or written works accepted to the Art Action Union Group.
  1. The Art Action Union and it’s hosts cannot be held responsible for theft of artwork or written works submitted to the group and/or used for off site promotion and affiliated activities and campaigning.
  1. The Art Action Union and it’s hosts cannot be held responsible for any negative emotional outcomes affecting the artists as a result of personal views expressed during or after participating in affiliated campaigns or promotion on or off site.
  1. Guidelines, Rules and Terms and Conditions of Membership are subject to change without notice.