ART ACTION UNION AIMS to create awareness for current concerning issues to educate the greater community and collect a critical mass.

ACTIVISM FOR ACTIVISM and Freedom to Create

This challenge closed over 8 years ago.

The Challenge

In celebration of the launch of the Art Action Union Community Site ( and finally having the challenge software… I thought it appropriate to launch a collective exercise…

The Freedom to Create Prize ( is an award and cash prize for outstanding expression under repression… it is a celebration of the ‘freedom to create’ that some so easily abuse and others fight with their lives to achieve, others just struggle to be understood and use art as not only an expression, but a lasting living reminder of the things that we need to protect ourselves and others from…

So… I am formally christening this software in this group with this challenge…

FREEDOM TO CREATE… the freedom we need to express our fears, concerns and love.

Judging / Voting Criteria

the voting is based on how well the message is communicated through visual or written mediums… how quickly and intelligently you receive the message is also a good guideline…

Rewards & Prizes

empowerment, voice, freedom, satisfaction, healing!

also, images will be featured on the community site and in the redbubble group …

Additional Information


Cover Image: Plug It In by Grandia


The Top Ten

Scientific Research? by Tom Godfrey

Scientific Research? by Tom Godfrey was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 6 votes.

  • Gay Pride by rudeboyskunk
  • Sorry by Dee Boylan
  • Metamorphosis by Angelique  Moselle
  • Ngurunderi and The Last Tree Coorong South Australia by marvynmc
  • Save the Humans for Dark Colours by Erland Howden
  • ? by " RiSH "
  • Stand Together by MuscularTeeth
  • Bulletin Board by Diana Forgione

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