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Art 4 Japan (Artists, please see the new detailed guidelines - must indicate donation details)

For art works from which the artists will be donating their earnings (whether in whole or in part) to Japan earthquake tsunami relief efforts. We will also accept works used to raise funds to help victims of the 2016 Kumamoto earhquake.

On that day the earth shook the ground; one year later it's spring all around

Mui-Ling Teh Mui-Ling Teh 230 posts

As one year has passed since the devastating earthquake in Japan, I have been receiving e-mails from others about articles and programs related to event, the current situation etc.

Although much of Japan has recovered, there is still many who feel devastated from losing their homes and their loved ones. Most of the speakers in the documentary above are children – and the adult speakers are those who has lost their children or who are thinking of their children’s future. It is sad when witnessing what they’ve lost, though towards the end there is a sense of hope; some of the children; although they are young, they will be stronger than many adults today. Many are hoping to grow up doing something that would save lives; it would be lovely if that came true.

A good many children; although they are sad to not be able to go back to the land that they grew up in, due to it being contaminated with radiation, they are coming to accept that. While some are upset about the disaster that Mother Nature can cause, some also know Mother Nature is also good because she has a lot of fish in the sea for the people to eat.

It is estimated to be years before the affected areas of Fukushima can become habitable again. But until that time comes, many other places have been on the way to recovery, and Japan has been thankful:

Arigato from Japan Earthquake victims

(This video literally brought me to tears!) Although what has been lost may not be recoverable, it has not stopped the people from moving forward; even if they still bear pain.

I wish I could’ve done more, for this group and for Japan. As time becomes of essence, and life takes it’s turns, there is only so much I could do. But my at the least my thoughts are always there.

As I look my window today; and see the sun shining, sometimes it is hard to believe how cruel nature was a year ago. Much like the rebuilt areas of Japan, it can be hard to believe what was there months ago. It’s already daylight savings here in Canada; spring is early this year.

Mui-Ling Teh Mui-Ling Teh 230 posts

On that day the earth shook the ground