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*Results - Quick Challenge-Framed Flower - 27/9/2013*

EdsMum EdsMum 19320 posts

Lovely challenge after about 50 members being rejected for lack of reading rules. Some beautiful work unfortunately was rejected.

However the challenge was a huge success with two Winners – “Yampimon with Golden Glow” & "Monnie Ryan with “Crying”

Congratulations to you both on your lovely work

Golden Glow
by Yampimon
– 11 votes

by Monnie Ryan
– 11 votes

Congratulations Top Ten

The Poppy
by AnnDixon
– 10 votes

by Elaine Teague
– 9 votes

Delicate Droplets on Blue
by Gail Jones
– 8 votes

To A Wild Rose
by Victoria Jostes
– 7 votes

by ╰⊰✿ℒᵒᶹᵉ Bonita✿⊱╮ Lalonde✿⊱╮
– 7 votes

Too Big for the Frame
by wolftinz
– 6 votes

Soft, Single and Pink
by Qnita
– 5 votes

Lady Slipper's Mouth ©
by Mary Campbell
5 votes

Well done – have a beautiful day everyone. Shirley

✿✿ Bonita ✿✿ ђєℓℓσ ✿✿ Bonita ✿✿ ђ... 10205 posts

Congratulations Yampinon and Monnie nicely done Congratulations to all nicely done and presented..I want to thank those who voted for TRILLIUM STATE FLOWER putting me in amongst the TOP TEN …Thank you kindly heartfelt hugs to all know it is appreciated such as you all are ty kindly..Thank you Shirley for this fun challenge

wormink wormink 2269 posts

congrats to all enjoy and create

jessiejoe jessiejoe 221 posts

Congratulations lovely work everyone……

Elaine Teague Elaine Teague 2299 posts

Congratulations to all and thanks to all who voted. Thrilled to be amongst the top ten.

wolftinz wolftinz 1961 posts

Congrats to Yampinon and my friend Monnie, Well done!
Thanks to those who voted for mine.

artwhiz47 artwhiz47 172 posts

Wonderful work, & I’ll admit that voting was tough in this one. What a field of dandy blooms! Congratulations to all winners, & especially to Yampimon & Monnie!

Mary Campbell Mary Campbell 942 posts

Congratulations to the two winners, and all the other talented artist. It’s nice to be included in the Top Ten as well so thanks to all the voters.

Owed To Nature Owed To Nature 1072 posts

Beautiful collection worthy of hanging on any gallery wall… Congratulations to all the Winners!

Lorelle Gromus Lorelle Gromus 434 posts

Congratulations to all! Absolutely beautiful work!

EdsMum EdsMum 19320 posts

They are so lovely and the artists work is fantastic. Thank you all…..Shirley

Carolyn Clark Carolyn Clark 552 posts

Great works!!!!!!! Congratulations to All!!!!!!!

EdsMum EdsMum 19320 posts

Thank you Carolyn. Shirley