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Armed Forces Living History

Recreations of all periods and aspects of history, from the Ancient Britons and Romans to the wars of the Twentieth Century, focussing on the human rather than the mechanical.


  • The Bar of the Three Compasses. by Malcolm Chant
  • Iraq Veteran by Buckwhite
  • The Oncoming Storm by Barrie Woodward
  • Bristol Blenheim, Black and White by Nigel Bangert
  • Salute to the Few by Colin Smedley
  • Battle of Britain Memorial flight Hurricane PZ865 (Mk IIc) by larry flewers
  • Lone Patrol by larry flewers
  • Bell UH-1H Iroquois 7221509/129 G-UHIH by Colin Smedley
  • Battle of Britain Tribute by Nigel Bangert
  •  Final Vulcan flight with the Red Arrows 8 by Colin  Williams Photography
  • Vulcan XH558 Beachy Head by Colin  Williams Photography
  • Vulcan XH558 from Beachy Head - 1 by Colin  Williams Photography
  • Born to Fly by Nigel Bangert
  •  The Selsey Lifeboat being pulled back into the boathouse by Malcolm Chant
  •  This made me feel Sad by Malcolm Chant
  • Bristol Blenheim IF L6739 G-BPIV landing at East Kirkby by Colin Smedley
  •  Inside the little Church where Hans service was held. by Malcolm Chant
  • All men are NOT created equal... Some of us are INFANTRY by Buckwhite