Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Tucson, Arizona, USA

Recent Work

  • Sleeping Coyote by Kathleen Brant
  • Peeking Out by Kathleen Brant
  • Wings of Fire... by RichImage
  • Barn Owl Perched by Kathleen Brant
  • Baby Hummingbirds by Kathleen Brant
  • Arc of Staghorn Blooms by Kathleen Brant
  • Purple-Headed Hummingbird by Kathleen Brant
  • Torch Cactus Flower by Kathleen Brant
  • Falcon Take-Off by Kathleen Brant
  • Blooming Torch Cactus by Kathleen Brant
  • Baby Mountain Goat Leaping by Kathleen Brant
  • Male Anna's Hummingbird by Linda Gregory

About This Group

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is a world-renowned zoo, natural history museum and botanical garden, all in one place! Exhibits re-create the natural landscape of the Sonoran Desert Region so realistically you find yourself eye-to-eye with mountain lions, prairie dogs, Gila monsters, and more. Within the Museum grounds, you will see more than 300 animal species and 1,200 kinds of plants. There are almost 2 miles of paths traversing 21 acres of beautiful desert.
For a half-century the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum has enchanted millions of visitors with its exhibits of live animals in astonishingly natural settings, while intriguing and instructing them with fascinating educational programs. At the same time, the Museum has gained a worldwide repute in the scientific community as an institution committed to researching and protecting the land, plants, and the animals of the Sonoran Desert region.

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