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Time for an Explanation

james smith james smith 561 posts

…in the hopes you will understand and not take anything I do in the near future personally.

As most of you already figured out I volunteered to help a few weeks ago when I saw no features had been done in nearly a year. Bob was gracious and granted me host privileges. However it may have been different had he warned me there were over 25,800 images in the queue for moderation.
Well at first as you can imagine I was overwhelmed but tried to at least accept what I thought were top notch works. I was still overwhelmed and found myself rejecting everything starting at the oldest with my eyes closed. That didn’t totally work either because I kept opening them to blink and soon I was browsing through some great architectural photography.
Now my dilemma is that I still have just under 20,000 images in moderation queue and more great work arriving daily. I don’t want to close the group nor do I want to hit the auto accept button and have RedBubble crash :)

My approach to date has been this; slowly work through the backlog and only accept the best. I need to do that with all new work as well or I may never see the sun again. With this approach I will still never get through the back log in my life time.
This means a lot of feelings get hurt. Another option is temporary closer and just reject all works in queue and hope people will resubmit. That in and of itself could take a month or more. A straight rejection is fastest and only takes one click, reject with a reason means more time and little to you because the reason isn’t in the list lol Plus that approach means I’m thinking “do I want to keep or reject” which is impossible to do with 20,000 images at least, once again, not in my life time.

I would like to take the first approach of only keeping those that, in my humble opinion as an architect, are the best and most creative. Yes there will always be thousands in queue but members can keep submitting and enjoying each others work. Here is the catch, I will be extremely critical as to what is accepted and I won’t have the time to give a reason. This means very little of my work will make it here now if for no other reason than to keep it fair. If you see it it will mean I got an award or something lol

1) plan your shots and make them good.
2) study the work of those who get featured, and that of professional world renowned architectural photographers.
3) remember buildings don’t move only the sun and clouds. so you do have a few minutes.
4) vacation snaps won’t make it unless you have an extreme talent
5) create an image, don’t take a picture
6) most important…capture the sense of place

If your work is accepted you can take it to be the equivalent of a feature in any other group.
If you get featured then I felt it was the crème de la crème

Thanks to all members old and new!

John Holding John Holding 361 posts

Certainly understand your issues here, have removed all but two of my work waiting moderation. Let me know if you want help in moderating.


james smith james smith 561 posts

Thanks John, but don’t delete anything. Lets let nature take it’s course :)

Mieke Boynton Mieke Boynton 2567 posts

Sounds like a very sensible plan, James. Good luck!!!
(And a really big thank you!!!)

Ethna Gillespie Ethna Gillespie 1472 posts

Thank you James for your time and effort. Sounds like a good plan. And thanks for keeping people informed about what’s going on with the group.


Fran53 Fran53 21 posts

Wow! Thank you for the time you have devoted to this task James.

virginian virginian 13273 posts

Thanks James.

Wendi Donaldson Laird Wendi Donaldso... 672 posts

Thanks for directing me to this message, James….I only discovered your dilemma by accident entering a challenge.
I am going to delete my work from the queue and hope that will lighten your burden a teeny bit!
Thanks! …again, if I can help, temporarily….I am willing.