Architectural Photography

Group Rules:

Guidelines for this group

Images are accepted at the discretion of individual moderators – NOTHING PERSONAL!!

1 – What type of material should I contribute to this group?
Generally, architectural photography is a very broad genre.
Use some common sense and as long as they show a degree of architectural finesse (and are a reasonably decent AND unique piece of artwork) you should be fine…
NOTE: Images of landscapes with a small building in the distance are not considered architectural, they’re landscapes! Architecture must be the subject of the piece in order to be approved!

  1. As a general rule, try to submit only those pieces you are personally proud of as artwork, not just any image because it has a house in it…
    This is your place to show off to a targeted audience! Also limited photoshop…. okease
    If you need guidance, BubbleMail me

2 – How often should I submit work?
For fairness, we’ve decided on 2 a day!
Try and spread your submissions out over time, this not only lets everyone have their time on the front page of the group, but it also gives you better exposure to have your work spread throughout the timeline of the groups submissions.

  1. Rejections of work ARE NOT personal and are not a commentary on the quality of your work!
  2. There are more than one moderator in this group. Sometimes it just comes down to having to click one way or the other, as to whether or not to accept or reject an image;
  3. The basis for rejections may include:
    1. too many of the same image already in the group;
    2. the overall theme the image is portraying, is less related to architecture, than perhaps another genre;
    3. the image may be of too low a resolution or uploaded sideways or many many other things.
  4. Work that is approved but only relevant for a short time (e.g. writing about an event or competition) will be removed eventually!
  5. Now that we have over 2000 images in the group, we will be being much more selective regarding the quality of the work we showcase, so PLEASE only submit your best stuff!
    #Overuse of photo editing.

Other than these general guidelines you should simply follow the guidelines of Red Bubble and have fun!