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July Avatar and Winner of Reflections in Architecture

Susan Grissom Susan Grissom 80 posts

This months winner of the Challenge Reflections in Architecuture was won by Miron Abramovic for his image.Crazy

Feature coming soon.

hardhhhat hardhhhat 70 posts

Wow that is a great shot.

Jordan Miscamble Jordan Miscamble 598 posts


napalama napalama 8 posts

congratulation! Such a great short!

Marc Sullivan Marc Sullivan 3 posts

Feeling a bit crazy after staring at this. Great work! Congrats.

PPPhotoArt PPPhotoArt 53 posts

oh wow that’s awesome, congrats

Andy Mulley Andy Mulley 3 posts

Great shot! A wonderful use of a shiny glass building – shoot another one across the road!


barkeypf barkeypf 529 posts

A winner for sure! Well done.

Jenny Davis Jenny Davis 10 posts

Fantastic…Love it!!!!

Peter Benkmann Peter Benkmann 1 post

how the clear structure
is playing so phantastically
in the clearly structured fields of glas

bodymechanic bodymechanic 543 posts

Dear Susan
I would like to let you and other Sydney members know that entries are called for the exhibition “It’z Az Plain Az Black and White” which hangs on Sun 21st Nov at Tap Gallery 278 Palmer St Darlinghurst NSW 2010.
I organize 2 large group shows per year for ALL genres’ of art with a central theme to help all artists “get their work out there” also help them with exhibition skills and practice and to network in person with other artists and possibly hone their skills or learn something "left field " that they can introduce to their style.
The name of the show is the theme BUT!!! it is up to each individual artist to interpret the theme how they choose so we get MANY different ideas!
IT DOESN"T have to be B/W but must have elements or it could be something as plain as the nose on your face etc etc -
CREATIVITY is the key.
I can be contacted through redbubble or at
for entries & further info if interested
The opening will be at 7 pm til late, Wed 24 th Nov at the gallery which is a large space, there will be drinks nibblys and fun and entertainment
it is an artistic experience at all levels!! Those who have been involved in past shows know!
any quessies don’t hessitate to contact me thankyou for helping out
Steve McLaren

Purnayana Purnayana 1 post

Congratulations! it’s fantastic

Aleksandar Topalovic Aleksandar Top... 185 posts