A collection of Architectural interpretations as seen through the eyes of Red Bubblers. We do not accept pillows,totes,leggings,cards, ipods, iphones, ipads, or other extras.

Recent Work

  • Paramoor Magic ( 2 ) by Larry Lingard-Davis
  • Lost for all time by su2anne
  • Capitol Building Dome in the Morning Sunlight by Gilda Axelrod
  • Jamaica Inn by Alexandra Lavizzari
  • Peaceful life in the lagoon of Messolonghi by Hercules Milas
  • The Light at the End of the Tunnel  by Georgia Mizuleva
  • St. Augustine Lighthouse in the rain by Jeanie93
  • Castillo de San Marcos  by Jeanie93
  • Castillo de San Marcos  II by Jeanie93
  • Church Steeples     ^ by ctheworld
  • If These Walls Could talk by John Douglas
  • Divine Art by LinneaJean

About This Group

A collection of architectural interpretations as seen through the eyes of Red Bubblers and the lens of their camera.

Avatar/Inside Church – 18/6/2015

Canterbury Cathedral Interior
by Carole-Anne

Avatar/Inside Church – Co-winner – 18/6/2015

Inside St.Saviour’s Cathedral
by Wolf Sverak

Avatar/Inside Church -Co-Winner – 18/6/2015

Plain outside makes for magnificent interior
by Wolftinz

Avatar/Inside Church – Co-Winner – 18/6/2015

St.Andrews Castle,Scotland
by Angelika Vogel

Avatar/Inside Church -co-winner – 18/6/2015

Ebersmunster. Alsace,France
by Arie Koene

Outside & Personal – 11/6/2015

Porch Stool by Yampimon

Avatar/Member’s Choice – 12th May, 20125

Museum of Design by Imi Koetz

Avatar/Member’s Choice – Co-Winner – 12th May, 2015

Lotus Temple by Phil DeCocco

Avatar/Member’s Choice -Co-Winner – 12th May, 2015

Iconic Cone by TonyCrehan

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