A collection of Architectural interpretations as seen through the eyes of Red Bubblers. We do not accept any R/B Products - RESTRICTIONS ON FEATURE PAGE CHALLENGE - ONE WIN PER MEMBER PER CALENDAR YEAR*

Recent Work

  • Ancient Wall, Antigua, Guatemala by Heather Friedman
  • British Symbols and Landmarks - Union Jack and the Pearly Clock by Georgia Mizuleva
  • Vintage Architectural Structure by Phil Perkins
  • The House that Baba Yaga Built by James2001
  • Beachy Head Lighthouse and the deep blue sea by John Dalkin
  • Spiral staircase in red and brown tones by JBlaminsky
  • Duke Forest Sign by Cynthia48
  • Blue on Blue by debidabble
  • Over The River by FLYINGSCOTSMAN
  • Library - The long room 1885 by Mike  Savad
  • Ireland. Killarney. Ross Castle. Sunset. by vadim19
  • General view Scriptorium San Marco Florence Italy 19840714 0023 by Fred Mitchell

About This Group

A collection of architectural interpretations as seen through the eyes of Red Bubblers and the lens of their camera. We do not accept R/B products or frames RESTRICTIONS ON FEATURE PAGE CHALLENGE – ONE WIN PER MEMBER PER CALENDAR YEAR

Clock Tower – 12/12/2015

Big Ben – Elizabeth Tower, Place of Westmister
by Chris Monks

Clock Tower – Co-Winner -12/12/2015

Castle Clock
by Alexandra Lavizzari

Clock Tower – Co-winner – 12/12/2015

Before the Downpour
by RedRose10

Avatar/Indoor Staircase – 26/11/2015

The Spiral Staircase, St.Stephen’s Basilica, Budapest
by Ludwig Wagner

Feature Page/Reflections – 21/11/2015

by Angelika Vogel

Avatar/Chimneys – 17/10/2015

by Arie Koene

Feature Page/Escalators-Elevators – 12/10/2015

Yorkdale Subway Station
by John Velocci

Avatar/Arched Entrance & Doorway – 19/9/2015

A Little Paradise
by Angelika Vogel

Feature Page/Church – 07/9/2015

St.Mary’s Burnham, Deepdale
by Yampimon

Feature Page/Church – co-winner – 07/9/2015

Country Church
by Werner Padarin

Feature Page -Co-winner – 07/9/2015

*St. Joseph’s Church – Dunedin
by Davids Art

Avatar/Side by Side 18/8/2015

Light & Shadow
by Norbert Probst

Feature Page/Old with Balconies – 17/8/2015

Tasma Terrace, East Melb.,Vic. Aust.
by Margaret Morgan(Watkins)

Outdoor Architecture – 24/7/2015

Bridge to ….“OKO” The Real Deal
by White Dove Studios KJGordon

Avatar/Sculptured Architecture 2 – 20/7/2015

Titanic Museum, Belfast
by Ludwig Wagner

Feature Page/Modern & Square – 02/7/2015

Touch Down………Arizona Cardinals.
by WhiteDove Studio KJGordon

Avatar/Inside Church – 18/6/2015

Canterbury Cathedral Interior
by Carole-Anne

Avatar/Inside Church – Co-winner – 18/6/2015

Inside St.Saviour’s Cathedral
by Wolf Sverak

Avatar/Inside Church -Co-Winner – 18/6/2015

Plain outside makes for magnificent interior
by Wolftinz

Avatar/Inside Church – Co-Winner – 18/6/2015

St.Andrews Castle,Scotland
by Angelika Vogel

Avatar/Inside Church -co-winner – 18/6/2015

Ebersmunster. Alsace,France
by Arie Koene

Outside & Personal – 11/6/2015

Porch Stool by Yampimon

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