Appaloosa & Spotted Horses/Ponies/Mules (NO Paints/Pintos!)

For the *true* spotted breeds - 3/day

Recent Work

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About This Group

Open to the true spotted breeds – the Appaloosa, Knabstrupper, Palouse & Pony of the Americas plus cross-bred horses/ponies/mules with spotted coat patterns.

If you are unsure your horse is a spotted breed, check the following breed websites & look under registration details/identification – if your horse fits one of the coat patterns accepted by the breed societies, you’re on the right track & in the right group! We also accept cross-breeds, as long as they display the spotted coat pattern.

Australian Appaloosa Association, Australian Palouse Pony Association, American Knabstrupper Association, Pony of the Americas Club

Sorry, no pintos/paints here, no exceptions unless it is part of a group featuring a spotted horse! There are other wonderful RB groups for horses of all colours to be treasured & admired on their own merits. NOTE: there is now a group for Those Colourful Paints & Pintos

No “off topic” journals please, except to tell us you have featured works or challenge placings of course, we all like to congratulate your successes !!!

Now, as Skyhorse owns/breeds Quarter Horses & Appaloosas, has ten horses of her own & lives over an hour away from them, she is not on the computer every day – please bear with the occassional delay in seeing your work posted. Being very busy people, Skyhorse & Louise will still try to be online at least every 2nd day to moderate.

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