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Volume 7 - Portals

Jaclyn Hughes Jaclyn Hughes 5308 posts

Our 7th tutorial is Portals by SaTaNiA (Damien)

Tutorial Tips:
Plugins Needed: Square and nGon

Set your scale around 10 to start
Set your gamma to 5

This tutorial is a PDF file and is 13 pages. Damien does a wonderful job of explaining things but there are 2 things that I wasn’t sure if you all would understand. So, here are the pages and what they mean.

On Page 7 – “move it 1 up and 1 right” = Change the settings in your triangle tab, underneath the rotation option from 0.1 to 1

On Page 9 – You will enable the post transform on both T5 and T6

On Pages 11 & 12, Damien talks about the 7th and 8th xforms. On these xforms he says to Allow the PT, and change x coordinate from 1 to 0.3.

First of all, xform 7 & 8 creates the thick lines to the portal. So if you can’t get this part, you won’t get those thick lines. After you allow the PT (enable your post transform for xform 7) go to the Transform tab on your editor.

On this tab you see a set of X, Y and O coordinates then a reset transform button. If you make changes to any of these coordinates this effects the transform itself. Under that, you see a second set of X, Y and O coordinates, followed by a reset post transform. If you make changes to any of these coordinates, this effects your post transform.

So, for your lines, you will change the X coordinate from 1 to 0.3 on the 2nd set of coordinates. The tutorial doesn’t explain that, and I know this is something that has thrown off a few people. Wondering how the lines come alive. The best part about it, if you had a problem with lines in the Elliptic Splits tutorial, and you get the lines in this tutorial, I ask you to try elliptic splits again.

You can add a really small value of negative linear on the final xform too to “erase” the central black space.

Play with your colorspeed on each transform for some fabulous color!

I think you are all going to enjoy this tutorial. There are quite a few transforms, but it looks harder than it is. So just take your time and have a ball!

Here is your easy button for your convenience!

Have fun & good luck!

Pam Amos Pam Amos 3619 posts

yippee………can’t wait to play….. :)

Jaclyn Hughes Jaclyn Hughes 5308 posts

lol That’s the enthusiasm I love! :)

barrowda barrowda 2609 posts

Speedy here…got my first one rendering…poor Damien’s english is still a bit challenging, but this was a much clearer tutorial. The one tip I would add is that at the end, you need to go to the color tab on EACH transform and adjust the color speed (I tried values from 0.2 to 0.6 to kind of balance the weights he suggested) and then move the slider to watch the different pieces of the image gain some different colors…otherwise, the whole thing is pretty monochrome.

I also recommend saving your parameters after Tx5, Tx7, Tx8 and then of course after the Fx (if not more often) in case something goes wrong.

Squares was in the first folder of Aposhack plug-ins, so hopefully everybody can find it easily.
Hope it renders OK so that I can share and then get some sleep :o))) TfD

barrowda barrowda 2609 posts

You weren’t kidding about being a slave-driver; why did I stay up until 3am doing this??? Guess this really is my idea of fun…lmao…

Portals with Colors from Tutorial #7 (UF0273)
by barrowda

Nitey-night…Tired freakin’ David

Jaclyn Hughes Jaclyn Hughes 5308 posts

lmfao well yanno after 3 weeks of 1 tutorial (for some 2 weeks and 1 week off) I had to put you to work. lmao

Absolutely lovely piece. I was too busy watching tv to get mine up here yet. But gimme a minute and they will be up! :) Get so sleep silly David.

Jaclyn Hughes Jaclyn Hughes 5308 posts

Portal of Petals and Portal to your Soul

Phoxford Phoxford 162 posts

The pot is on the stove, should be cooked by morning. :-) Pleased to see the tut in a PDF format for a change.

Jaclyn Hughes Jaclyn Hughes 5308 posts

Can’t wait to see it! :) Yes, I like it better in PDF form as well. Not too many out there in PDF though.

Clepsidras Clepsidras 697 posts

First Portal – Organic White
by Filipa Nunes

Can’t find my other portals. Oh well, that only means I have to make more. ;)

viennablue viennablue 2410 posts

looks a good tutorial, looking forward to giving it a go this evening, got to work this afternoon :-(
lovely work by david, jackie and filipa :-)

Pam Amos Pam Amos 3619 posts

Jaclyn, David and Filipa……gorgeous….you guys have done a great job…..I look forward to playing…….. :)

Phoxford Phoxford 162 posts

Gold Bands
by Phoxford

That’s it, first portal. Off to bed.

happypattern happypattern 332 posts

Wow, this looks like gorgeous fun and all those beautiful effects that are here already :-D

barrowda barrowda 2609 posts

I let this one cook overnight, and added some perspective in Apo and a lens flare in GIMP, but still pretty much the basic tut…

Mirrored D Portal (UF0274)
by barrowda

Virginia N. Fred Virginia N. Fred 843 posts

Hi guys, stopping in to say hello and to see what the new tutorial is, I see that you all are off to a god start, awesome
I will try and get on here as much as I can, dizziness is still keeping me down, I will try to get to all your artwork and comment if I can, please bear with me

Jackie thanks for relaying my message, this looks like a cool tutorial, I will try and play till the dizziness gets to bad lol

one question though how do I make the banner smaller to fit on my profile page, maybe I skipped over that part, thanks

James Brotherton James Brotherton 2145 posts

Well, Here’s my first stab at it:


James Brotherton James Brotherton 2145 posts

Wow Virginia, I hope you feel better soon!

Jaclyn Hughes Jaclyn Hughes 5308 posts

Filipa I absolutely love Organic White…. gorgeous!! I knew you would be happy with this tut! :)

Thanx Jacqui!

ToD I love gold bands… great view for this one.

TfD love the perspective on this piece hun. Absolutely fabulous!

Fabulous work James! Loving the gold and silver together.

Gina, you’re welcome chickie. I will bmail you about the banner :)

I managed to play and get another one for now, hopefully I will manage to play a lil more but Bryce is calling my name lmao

Jaclyn Hughes Jaclyn Hughes 5308 posts

Here is my other one, pointy petals.

James Brotherton James Brotherton 2145 posts

That’s a nice one Jackie. Those colors go well together. I have to say I can’t figure out the last part of the tut when he talks about getting rid of black center. I tried a negative number on linear of the final transform and the outcome was not good. If anyone can help me with that it would be great.

James Brotherton James Brotherton 2145 posts

Here one that just came off the cooker!

Clepsidras Clepsidras 697 posts

James, when he says to get rid of the black center is because when you finish the tutorial with the final transform, the center have a little black hole on it. I can see in your works that you, somehow, managed to remove that without the trick that Damien shared but it is basically adding a negative very small (really small!) number in Linear3D or Linear. Something like 0.03 (as an example). Bigger values, like 0.5 will make a ugly outcome for a starter. So keep the values small. And you can save the basis form with the black center out already and never worry about it again. :)

Jaclyn Hughes Jaclyn Hughes 5308 posts

Thanks so much James… i love those colors together. And as I see, Filipa took care of the correct answer for me too… thanks chickie! :)

Love that one you got James. Fabulous shape and LOVE those colors together!

Clepsidras Clepsidras 697 posts

Don’t know when I will be able to play with it again this week so…

Inside Chaos gates
by Filipa Nunes