Apophysis Tutorial Fun

Working together to learn, teach, create and have fun!

Recent Work

  • Stained glass by Annmarie *
  • What's up by Annmarie *
  • More gnarl  by Annmarie *
  • Tropical Storm by James Brotherton
  • Gnarl by Annmarie *
  • mobius nebula flower by LoreLeft27
  • Autumn  by Annmarie *
  • Lines Of Demarcation by James Brotherton
  • Colorful sun by Annmarie *
  • Gnarl fun by Annmarie *
  • Blue Spirals by James Brotherton
  • Soap Bubble Spiral by James Brotherton

About This Group

Have you ever looked at a piece of fractal art and thought “Wow! How do they do that?” or how about “I would love to learn how to create something like that.” Well if you have, this is the place you want to be!

Apophysis Tutorial Fun is a group dedicated to helping our members better understand the fractal software Apophysis and learn some new tips and tricks.

Never created a fractal before? Have you been creating fractals for years? Fabulous!! We welcome all members who want to learn to join in on the fun! Whether you are a painter, writer or photographer, we welcome each of you! We guarantee you that either way, you will learn something new by joining Apophysis Tutorial Fun!

Every artist, whether it’s a painter, photographer, digital artist or writer has the opportunity to grow. Apophysis Tutorial Fun group is here to help you along the way!

This banner represents all of our participating artists. There are over 275 pieces that were created by 30 artists from the first 6 tutorials we have done. This represents that we are all proud of this group and what it stands for, and we are all here to support one another.

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Membership of the group is by invite only.