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Ginny York Ginny York 7037 posts

We have a winner in the July 2013 Front Page Feature Challenge.

Heaven On Earth
by Ginny York

takes the win with 8 votes!


by Tony Dewey

5 votes

Ruby – 16 months
by Elaine Teague

5 votes

Winter Morning Walk
by Ludwig Wagner

5 votes

Is That Treat Really For Me??? – Boxer Pup – NZ
by AndreaEL

4 votes

Go Ahead …. Make My Day ~ Boxer Dog Series ~
by Evita

4 votes

Not tonight, I'm doing my hair… )
by brotbackgeraet

4 votes

You can't always get what you want…but with these eyes…you might
by Chris Snyder

4 votes

You got my attention
by Bine

4 votes

I didn't think French philosophy would be so hard!
by v-something

4 votes

Congratulations to everyone! And thank you so much to the members who voted for Heaven On Earth in the Challenge. I am so humbled. And thrilled too! You guys are the best!

Bine Bine 889 posts

Wohoooooo – my favorite won ! Congratulations, Ginny and congrats to my fellow top tens ! :-))

ChrisMSnyder ChrisMSnyder 13 posts

Wonderful shots all. Congratulations Ginny. Wonderful image!

Ginny York Ginny York 7037 posts

LOL How awesome you are Bine!!! Thanks so much for that! I will be smiling all night. :))

Ginny York Ginny York 7037 posts

Thanks Chris! I appreciate that. :)) All these images are really wonderful. Just gorgeous dogs.

v-something v-something 775 posts

Congratulations Ginny!!! Fabulous shot :)

Congratulations to our Top Ten!!

Ludwig Wagner Ludwig Wagner 526 posts

Congratulations Ginny! A worthy winner

Ginny York Ginny York 7037 posts

Awwww….Thanks so much Vicky and Ludwig. :))

Evita Evita 14779 posts

Congratulation Ginny!!!!
I’m ecstatic to be in the Top Ten…Congratulations too all Runners-up !!!

brotbackgeraet brotbackgeraet 30 posts

Congratulations to Ginny and all the other talented artist <3

Ginny York Ginny York 7037 posts

Thanks Martina! :))

AndreaEL AndreaEL 428 posts

CONGRATULATIONS… a great selection and I am honoured to be amongst you… thank you for your support…

Zdogs Zdogs 567 posts

Congrats Ginny on such a beautiful Image….congrats also to all the top 10 artists

Ginny York Ginny York 7037 posts

Thanks Andrea and Danni!