For people who have anxiety disorders

Recent Work

  • Dreamcaster by strawberries
  • The Gamble by helene ruiz
  • Holding on tight by strawberries
  • The wild are strong... by annacuypers
  • Invasion by helene ruiz
  • It stoned me to my soul... by annacuypers
  • Bruised Reed  by F. Magdalene Austin
  • Mourning daughter by annacuypers
  • Beware of The Joker's Tricky Cajoleries and his Wheedling Ways by helene ruiz
  • I understand... perfectly.... by strawberries
  • Light by Jeff Kingston

About This Group

this will be a way for people who suffer from social and generalized anxiety to come together, to speak of fears and past, not only will we share art, but perhaps help each other with tricks we’ve learned in overcoming fear.


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