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17/09/2012 - Features

Kanages Ramesh Kanages Ramesh 1053 posts

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to features in “Antlers, Racks, and Other Horned Animals”! Please join me in congratulating the following featured artists on their captivating images!

Thank you

Bellowing Red Stag
by Patricia Jacobs

When Deer Come Out … Montana Art Photo
by GiselaSchneider

Storm's Headed Our Way
by Teresa Burnett

Just Ewe and I
by Kat Simmons

Who are you calling horny?
by vigor

The Great Wide Open
by James Anderson

IT IS NOW OR NEVER! – BLACK-FACED IMPALA – Aepyceros melampus petersi
by Magaret Meintjes

Bison Herd, Ear Mountain
by Donna Ridgway

1263-Broken Fence in Winter
by George W Banks

Jasper Elk
by Alyce Taylor

Heat of the day
by Dan MacKenzie

Did I Sneek Up On You?
by naturalnomad

kristijohnson kristijohnson 141 posts

Congrats to everyone!!!

Donna Ridgway Donna Ridgway 186 posts

Wonderful images! I totally enjoyed seeing them all.

Kat Simmons Kat Simmons 66 posts

Congratulations to all featured!

SandDevil6 SandDevil6 377 posts

Great features! Congrats to all who’ve been featured. If you’ve been featured recently or won a challenge congrats as well! – Jenn

GiselaSchneider GiselaSchneider 1738 posts

Congratulations all !!!