This group hosts images and writing regarding anticonsumerism


  • Time Out on God & a Male Feminist. by Andy Nawroski
  • JUST DON'T  by Jaime Cornejo
  • Spirit of a Bird. by Andy Nawroski
  • The Great Gatsby. Adela Jopek Photography. Canon 5D - La vida come art de Canon. by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D
  • Untitled by ACProsser
  • How do you think it feels... by annacuypers
  • Starr, War by blackiguana
  • The American Dream by Jaime Cornejo
  • Wage War by Jaime Cornejo
  • Picasso Complex Duel. by Andy Nawroski
  • MANKIND by Jaime Cornejo
  • Do Not Feed. by Andy Nawroski
  • Dances with ghosts... by annacuypers
  • Why? by Jaime Cornejo
  • Intuition - 2013 by karmym
  • The Golden Wand  (please see description) by Kanages Ramesh
  • COSTS OF AN EMPIRE by Jaime Cornejo
  • How to be Beautiful with a Swan in 013, Davinci Complex 5. by Andy Nawroski