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!Burst!>, sometimes referred to as B>AM! is about all that is anime and manga, cell shading/painting and line drawings, and the digital equivalents.

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almost 7 years ago by KeitaChan
Comment Announcements
18 topics 55 posts

Find out what’s about to Burst!

over 8 years ago by Xtianna
Comment General Discussion
21 topics 114 posts

Share and Revel in your madness for Anime and Manga here!
Suggestions Welcome!

about 3 years ago by EmeraldLily4
Comment Conventions and Exhibitions
6 topics 12 posts

Showing, promoting, or selling your original animated series, graphic novel etc at a convention? Or maybe you’ve made your own costume for an event and want to show it off? Here’s the place to tell us about it!

4 months ago by GINGERED13
Comment WIPs Tips, Help, and Games
6 topics 16 posts

Got something you’re working on? Not sure how to get it done? Here’s the place to ask!

11 months ago by BrownRice111
Comment Anime Holiday!
7 topics 17 posts

Any holiday from any culture! Post your holiday anime and manga images here!

almost 9 years ago by enelyawolfwood
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