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!Burst!>, sometimes referred to as B>AM! is about all that is anime and manga, cell shading/painting and line drawings, and the digital equivalents.

!Burst!> or B>AM AMV Challenge!

This challenge closed almost 8 years ago.

The Challenge

Like AMVs? I know you do! So Burst is Challenging you to make an AMV to promote the burst anime and manga group across the web! So make one using your favorite anime(s) and upload it to youtube or another well known video sharing site!

Just make sure that the ! Burst ! > or B>AM logos are on it (in any font) and somehow integrated into the music video!

Entering your AMV in the Challenge
Add a piece of artwork to redbubble as a representation of your music video (a frame of the video with the burst AMV logo on it will do). Place a link to the AMV’s url along with with a list containing the the names of the musicians and their song and the animes that your used in your video.

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for your favorite AMV!

Rewards & Prizes

To be determined.

Additional Information

Please tag your entry as NSFW if your wouldn’t watch your AMV while at work.


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