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!Animals of Africa & Madagascar Best of the Best,Wildlife, Birdlife, Bugs, Insects etc - Captured Location required in Description! *GROUP WILL OPEN 1ST FEB 2017*

African Wildlife


Magriet Meintjes Magriet Meintjes 3957 posts

Hi to all our members!
Our new weekly features for July 19th are up!
Beautiful work submitted to our gallery, keep it up please and thank you!
Congratulations to our members, well deserved features!

Elephant Stare
by Michael Moss

He seems to say,'This is Mine'. Juvenile Mountain Gorilla Eating, Kwitonda Group, Rwanda, East Africa
by Carole-Anne

righto, i'm off then
by mellychan

Muisvoël / Mousebird.
by Elizabeth Kendall

Stalking Leopard
by Linda Sparks

by LG2001

Cape Robin
by croust

Crowning Glory
by JenniferEllen

Me and my shadow
by Owed to Nature

"And I say you are free…"
by Maree Clarkson

Lion Cub
by Henry Jager

'Eye Contact'
by Macky

Elizabeth Kendall Elizabeth Kendall 2540 posts

Congrats to all, a beautiful page! Thanks Margaret!

Maree Clarkson Maree Clarkson 3466 posts

Wow, the works featured are excellent Magriet! Thank you for including my Seagulls and congratulations to ALL the featured artists, great work guys!

Macky Macky 1171 posts

Thanks very much Margaret and congrats to the other featured artist too!!

Magriet Meintjes Magriet Meintjes 3957 posts

Thank you Maree, Liz and Macks, for taking the time to participate and congratulating our members, much appreciated!

mellychan mellychan 133 posts

gorgeous work here – well done all!