Animals As They Should Be - wild animals and rescue animals only

A group for ethical animal art

  • Willit by Pippa Carvell
  • Jumping Crocodile by Erik Schlogl
  • Duck by vasu
  • Two  Heads Are Better Than One by Michael Cummings
  • Does It Get Any Better--Beautiful Bird by Joe Jennelle
  • A Burst Of Orange / Baltimore Oriole by naturalnomad
  • Peacock Subtlety  by Joe Jennelle
  • Hey You, Get Off of My Branch !! by Joe Jennelle
  • Yum by Michael  Moss
  • African Wattled Lapwing by naturalnomad
  • Evening Grosbeak  by Michael Cummings
  • Crown Jellyfish by Henry Jager
  • Snatch and Grab by Joe Jennelle
  • Young Puppy Looks at the World by ieatstars
  • Australian Magpie, Centennial Park, Sydney by Erik Schlogl
  • American Robin by Michael Cummings
  • That Haunting Stare by TeresaB
  • Fresh Catch by Joe Jennelle