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Animal Portraits (No Cats or Dogs)

Group Rules:

What is a Portrait?

There are different definitions for just what a “portrait” is. For the purpose of THIS group, the head of the animal should be the main focus of the frame with the expression of the animal as the dominant ‘theme’ of the image. Shots from the chest up will be considered. Full body shots are generally not accepted, even for animals such as birds.

The PURPOSE of the shot should be a portrait.

Macro shots of large animals that only show eyes or very close detail are generally not accepted.

Other Rules

- Artworks are subject to approval by moderators. Part of the acceptance decision is subjective, therefore please understand not every artwork will be accepted. If you are unsure why the artwork was not accepted, please post a link to the rejected piece in the forum or bubblemail a moderator.

- Any kind of animal is acceptable, except dogs and cats. We have hundreds a week of these, they also have there own group..- Not every artwork will be accepted and will be accepted at the discretion of the moderators based on the quality of the artwork and its relation to the group’s purpose and vision.- Please avoid snapshots – submit only your best.- Images will also be evaluated on technical quality. Try and avoid (as we will generally not accept):

Shots with ‘overexposed’ highlights
Shots where the eyes are not in focus
Soft/out of focus shots
Shots with distracting backgrounds
Captive animal shots that show ‘signs’ of zoo/captivity.
Poorly framed or composed shots
Sloppy post processing
Selective colouring
Fractal shots

- Limit your submissions to 1-2 per day.- Do not post images of dead animals or statues. Animals must be REAL.

- We are no longer accepting dog or cat portraits.