Animal Portraits (No Cats or Dogs)

Animal Portraits - Photography & Art


  • Rainbow Bee-eater  by Jenny Dean
  • Memories of Watership Down by Lois  Bryan
  • Ready For My Close-Up by MichelleR
  • Drippy Nose by Alyce Taylor
  • A pensive look by bluetaipan
  • A beautiful lethal machine by John44
  • Ol` Blue Eyes by Ladymoose
  • It's a Lemur! by bluetaipan
  • You Again?! What Are You Looking For... -  Tu Otra Vez?! Que Quieres Verlo by Bernhard Matejka
  • Sideways by bluetaipan
  • Dominant male leopard(please stop raining i can`t see even up here!) by jozi1
  • Red Fox 3358 by DutchLumix
  • Proud Profile by George Lenz
  • Billy the Ocelot by Sheryl Unwin
  • Tiger  by Selina Ryles
  • Dragonfly eye by Andrew Berends
  • "Noone Told Me Mice Were Full of Caffeine!!!" by jonxiv
  • Eye to Eye with a Red-tailed Hawk by Bill McMullen