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***ANIMALS Plus wild BIRD Photography! (NO DOGS or CATS)

The love of animals and a great "eye" with your camera is your passport to our group!


  • Gannet Greeting by tarnyacox
  • black swan by paul erwin
  • A Beautiful Female Hummingbird by David Friederich
  • Australian Ringneck Parrot (Barnardius zonarius), John Forrest National Park, Western Australia by Dan & Emma Monceaux
  • Forgiveness! (Cedar Waxwing) by Robert Miesner
  • THE TINY, SHY, SCARCE, SHARPE’S GRYSBOK – Raphicerus sharpei Kruger National Park by Magriet Meintjes
  • Hidden Treasure by Jeff Weymier
  • Black Bear in the Woods by David Friederich
  • Colours of the Rainbow by Gary  Davey (Jordy)
  • Brown Chinese Goose by lynell
  • Just The Two Of Us by Chris Goodwin
  • Kurrichane Thrush by naturalnomad
  • Follow me by foppe47
  • skinny fox ready to run by Birgit Van den Broeck
  • Swan in black and white. by Birgit Van den Broeck
  • Tranquil Moments by Bill Maynard
  • Snarling Wolf by Yannik Hay
  • Jackdaw by M.S. Photography/Art