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A place where hope, inspiration and souls connect with those omnipresent beings that are there to help 24/7

Recent Work

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  • Angel Glow by Jane Neill-Hancock
  • In the mist of Heaven by Kazytc
  • Spiritual complexity  by Kazytc
  • Heaven is opening  by Kazytc
  • Pyramid Corridor to Eternal Life by Kazytc
  • Petrified Spirit by Kazytc
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  • Majestic entrance to eternity by Kazytc
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  • The Keyhole to Eternity by Kazytc

About This Group

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We often lose something, be it material or on a more personal level such as a loved one.

#Sometimes we feel we aren’t alone, I’m not speaking about ghosts, I’m speaking about something higher, that helping aid that taps you on the shoulder when you fall asleep at the wheel waking you just in time to avoid a collision.

#Personal accounts of how one has felt a positive presence helping them gain strength in a otherwise awkward situation.

#Misplacing an item and asking ones guides to help them locate it, and suddenly finding it in a place you would have never thought of looking.. that’s an Angel or Spirit Guide, they are just waiting for you to ask them for help!

#Thinking of someone, then suddenly you hear from or about them or meet them.

Coincidence? Perhaps not..

I believe Angels & Guides are all around us..
Here is a Group that encourages you to tap into that side in your art and writings to share that which inspires you to others who may be lacking motivation at this very time.

Perhaps their Angels & Guides will draw them here to find your work..

After all, there is a reason for everything, perhaps even a reason for this Group on RB.

  1. This weeks Challenge Winner is Dee Boylan:
  2. Dee Boylan has won 1st place our challenge ‘Things that nature created that look like an Angel’ with 2 votes.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who participated, there were some fantastic entries. :0)

  1. Here is Dee’s beautiful image: “Shadow Angel”

WELL DONE Dee Boylan!

Please stop by and congratulate Dee on a job well done!

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