Frogs, Toads, Tadpoles, Salamanders, Newts, and Caecilians are welcome here

Recent Work

  • Swim by AngiNelson
  • Dartfrog close up by AngiNelson
  • Red Eyed Green Tree Frog by KittenFlower
  • Whites tree frog by AngiNelson
  • Turtle by Laurie Puglia
  • Little Lady by Amy Dee
  • Little Toad In The Grass by WildestArt
  • Leopard Frog by WildestArt
  • Green Tree Frog by WildestArt
  • Green Iquana Malacca Malaysia by Sandra  Sengstock-Miller
  • The Pygmy Hatchet-faced tree frog - Leticia - Colombia by john  Lenagan
  • Midnight Mischief  -  Original Painting Red-Eyed Tree Frog by Rebecca Rees

About This Group

This group is for anyone with a love of nature and especially Amphibians. Please share your photos from the class Amphibia such as Frogs, Toads, Tadpoles, Salamanders, Newts, and Caecilians.

Featured Member Interviews and Galleries:
Val Saxby Amphibian Photography
AngiNelson – Frog Photography
barbbarcikkeith – Realistic Amphibian Art

Don’t know what your Amphibian is? Submit your photo to the group ID Me for help identifying your creature.

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