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This group is all about your best "Americas~ Rural, Urban, Wild And Free

Just A Reminder

Stormygirl Stormygirl 334 posts

We really want to keep this group showing the beauty of Americas, and not closeups, it really doesn’t show the beauty of the lands so if you noticed your image is deleted sorry but we feel there are plenty of groups for that..Here are a few pictures that we feel show Americas. I am using pictures of members and if you don’t want to have your picture as an example let me know and I will take it off..
Thanks and have a great rest of the week:)

icesrun icesrun 898 posts

Thanks Stormygirl. Yes I have been seeing an abundance of macro roses and other flowers that do not really fit in with what we feel Americas should be. If your image does get deleted just let bubble mail us and we will sort it out!

wolf6249107 wolf6249107 6 posts

I am honored to have onne of my photo0s chosen as a example.

Stormygirl Stormygirl 334 posts

Thanks wolf6249107, I appreciate it:)

Corri Gryting Gutzman Corri Gryting ... 9949 posts

Thank you for choosing my tractor.
Sorry if I have also submitted things that were too close to give rural America view.
I will try harder.