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  • shelleybabe2

    'It's Time...' by shelleybabe2

    It’s time to face my demons…

    But at the same time,
    Im dreading it.

    I have to be brave.
    I have to be strong.

    For I have no choice,
    but to go through with it.

    For I had this vision…
    Not s…

    148 words
  • shelleybabe2

    'Mad Cow Disease!' by shelleybabe2

    I went to the doctors
    and had some tests done.

    I explained what was wrong
    and told him my symtoms.

    A change in my attitude
    and in my behavour.

    Totally unstable…
    Cant stand, walk or bend over.

    Poor …

    78 words
  • shelleybabe2

    From the beginning! by shelleybabe2

    I’ve had my say.
    But ive not finished,
    by the way.

    For it’s only just begun.
    Don’t think,
    that you have won.

    This is not a competition,
    this is not a game.

    For I feel for you lies,
    right …

    121 words
  • shelleybabe2

    I'am not a liar! by shelleybabe2

    Don’t accuse me,
    of being a liar.

    For I’ll set on fire,
    with a burning desire.

    A strong feeling…
    of heated emotions.

    About to explode,
    like a poisonous potion.

    Bottled up inside,

    64 words
  • shelleybabe2

    'Crashed!' by shelleybabe2

    Just like a computer.
    With too much information.

    Broken down,
    totally worn out.
    Totally unstable,
    my mind is unable…

    Loaded excessively,
    for I have no memory.
    For I hav…

    78 words
  • shelleybabe2

    A tidal wave of emotion's by shelleybabe2

    A tidal wave of emotion’s,
    rise up from below the ocean.

    Erupt into a storm,
    spread out into the calm.

    the innocent and vunerable.
    The one’s that are so gullible.

    A fool in …

    73 words
  • shelleybabe2

    The Ape In Me by shelleybabe2

    Loving & Sharing,
    Protective & Caring.
    But rattle my cage
    and I’ll go into a rage.

    For I’ll thump my chest
    and I’ll give out my best.
    For my raw,
    is worse then my bite.

    I will giv…

    71 words
  • shelleybabe2

    The Truth Hurt's by shelleybabe2

    You have to be truthful,
    even though it hurt’s.
    It’s best to release it.
    Then to carry it,
    like a curse.

    23 words
  • shelleybabe2

    I Don't Believe... by shelleybabe2

    I don’t believe,
    a word you say.
    That’s why I’ve decided,
    to stay away.

    I’d rather be lonely,
    than be lied to.
    For I have lost,
    my trust in you.

    If you cant be,
    true to others.
    Then y…

    99 words
  • Nella Khanis

    Hurricane by Nella Khanis

    In storms of life I dissolve
    Hurricanes won’t matter
    My sins will not be absolved
    When energy turns to matter

    Molecules floating in space -
    Chaotic configurations
    Will not again form my face
    Nor give…

    61 words
  • Nella Khanis

    I DON'T ASK FOR MUCH by Nella Khanis

    And my heartbeat skips
    Like a jumping rope
    On my sore knees – nips
    From following hope

    68 words
  • shelleybabe2

    Lost Inside! by shelleybabe2

    As she look’s into the mirror.
    She start’s to quiver.
    For she see’s a reflection,
    from the opposite direction.

    Clouded with steam,
    she wipe’s the mirror clean.
    She then draw’…

    130 words
  • shelleybabe2

    There are time's... by shelleybabe2

    There are time’s,
    when all the world’s asleep.
    When these thoughts,
    run through me deep.
    As I toss and turn in my sheet.

    Dripping wet, in sweat.
    I cannot forget.
    The night of passion,
    when we fi…

    91 words
  • Helena Bebirian

    A Toast For The Future by Helena Bebirian

    Here’s a toast to the future,
    A toast to the past,
    And a toast to our friends, far and near.
    May the future be pleasant;
    The past a bright dream;
    May our friends remain faithful and dear.


    45 words
  • shelleybabe2

    The fence of false pretence by shelleybabe2

    I live in a world of people…
    Who pretend they are something,
    they are not.

    They live in there own selfish world.
    And forget those around them worst off.

    They take…
    without feeling heartbreak.…

    72 words
  • Nella Khanis

    Untitled by Nella Khanis

    Catapult me back to innocence
    Cover me with colors of radiance
    Deliver me from the jaws of ignorance
    Give me birth from my inner Renaissance

    25 words
  • shelleybabe2

    All I want for christmas... by shelleybabe2

    All I want for christmas,
    is my two front teeth.
    My left and my right kidney.

    My liver and my lungs.
    And all my major,
    internal organ’s.

    Be healthy and fit.
    Free from desease
    and infection.

    Rid of th…

    56 words
  • shelleybabe2

    I feel run down! by shelleybabe2

    Hit by a truck,
    cause I did’nt look.
    Thrown in the air,
    cause I did’nt care.

    Internally bruised,
    my leg’s can’t move.
    Pain in my neck,
    due to built up stress.


    84 words