***Amazing + Analogue***

Group Rules:

This group is really meant for people with larger bodies of considered work. Rather than have people upload a couple of images here and there now and again to the group I am going to ask that every member submit exactly eighteen works at a time. Not one more and not one less. That way you will end up with one whole page within the group to display your work. There are three lines with six slots in each line. So think carefully about how you select your work and how you upload it. You could have six colour images followed by six written works and then six lomo images…… it’s up to you. This way the group will be a showcase for individuals that you can direct others too….. you know……."I’m on page 37 of the Amazing Analouge group…. "

If people wish to have more than one page that’s fine too but it mustn’t be too close to the last page and it must also be exactly eighteen works uploaded at the same time.

This is a new method and hasn’t been trialled before so be patient with us while we streamline it a bit….. …