***Amazing + Analogue***

All things pertaining the use of analogue technology in all it's manifestations

Recent Work

  • Architecture 21 by BKSPicture
  • Architecture 22 by BKSPicture
  • Man Made 9 by BKSPicture
  • Nature 22 by BKSPicture
  • 100% Paper 15 by BKSPicture
  • Coast 11 by BKSPicture
  • Statue 12 by BKSPicture
  • Coast 12 by BKSPicture
  • Nature 23 by BKSPicture
  • Nature 24 by BKSPicture
  • Nature 25 by BKSPicture
  • Statue 13 by BKSPicture

About This Group

This is a group for serious lovers of the marvellous magical world of analouge. That mostly means film or film based artworks but analouge could also mean using a digital with macro to shoot through the viewfinder of an old roliflex or it could mean using a pencil to make a sketch on paper or making a paper stencil to spray on a wall or a tee shirt. It could also mean using a pinhole camera you have made yourself and loaded with photopaper. Maybe analouge means writing a considered critique about a quirky old process that you still use like cross processing or handcolouring your photo’s…. painting with a brush as opposed to painting with a mouse is also an analouge technique. Writers might have a story about a old typewriter that they love and just can’t move away from. Tee shirt designers might have some designs featuring old tapedecks or cameras or something like that. All those things would be considered authenically analouge. Also there is a special clause that covers ‘amazing’….. convince us that what you do is really amazing and we’ll invoke the ‘amazing’ clause…..

The key to this group is an understanding and love of genus analouge in all it’s manifestions and the ability to share that passion with others. The works submitted must originate from or allude to there origins from an analouge technique or have analouge technology at the centre of its being somehow.

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