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Alternative Process and Experimental Photography

Group Rules:

It’s a good idea to have in your description what you have done. I won’t accept plain sepia/selenium/etc tones as they are pretty conservative methods, and there’s already a group for sepia toning. The tone would have to be used in an interesting way to be considered for this group.

2 works per artist a day, 2 works per artist in a row. As I have noticed that some people have the tendency to post many works at once which can push other artists out of sight. And I wish for everyone to have a fair chance to get their work seen. So if you have posted 2 works on a Tuesday and you come back on the following Wednesday and no one has posted new works after your two, just hold off posting another two until someone else has had the chance to post theirs.

20 is the max amount of works to be posted by one artist at one time at the moment. The number may have to be tightened as the group grows larger.

Not really a guideline but a friendly suggestion. If you see something you like don’t be afraid to tell the person you like it in a comment, or even favorite it. It’s nice to receive feedback from works you’ve worked hard on and experimented with. And even give a helping hand to others by sending polite, critical advice via bubblemail. Try to be friendly in your criticism, sometimes it can come off as an attack and hurt the artist.

Finally, writing. I would really like to see people posting step by step guides to the many different styles of alternative photography. Or even your own personal tips and experiences with working with these methods.