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Alternative Process and Experimental Photography

A group to show your creative talents outside the normal photographic methods.


  • Ripped by George  Link
  • Nature Abstract by George  Link
  • Tryfan Mountian  by Darren Wilkes
  • Lavatera Flower Stamen Macro  by Sandra Foster
  • Orange by Cliff Vestergaard
  • Body Language 19 by Igor Shrayer
  • HALF SELF PORTRAIT.... by anaisanais
  • Gods Faith by Ian Mitchell
  • to the edge of the world and back by strawberries
  • Hoot by Michael Rubin
  • Tropical Tortoise by Michael Rubin
  • Collage by DavidCucalon
  • Malls Balls (Spheres) by Ben Mattner
  • urban 4762 by MCANTO
  •  The Cassowary  by Darren Wilkes
  • Under Its Wing by reindeer
  • Body Language 18 by Igor Shrayer
  • Roof and Rafters by Heather Crough