Alternative Process and Experimental Photography

A group to show your creative talents outside the normal photographic methods.

  • Hard wired by ToastedGhost
  • Dreamer by Heather King
  • Untitled by Rachael Comisari
  • Suicidal Pink by Sonia de Macedo-Stewart
  • Stuck  by LaraZ
  • spirit guide by leapdaybride
  • Travelling by markmason
  • For Japan by © Pauline Wherrell
  • MOON DANCING by George Trimmer
  • Walking on clouds by LaraZ
  • Loneliness by David Rozansky
  • Been There by markmason
  • Flight Amongst The Stars by Greg Desiatov
  • From the Garden by klindsey
  • With Eyes Like Buttons by VenusOak
  • love letter by Rebecca Tun
  • Le Pears by Angela King-Jones
  • Attic grunge, Swedish cottage. by Maggie Hegarty